Goldfish Fine Arts, a division of Goldfish, is located in the ETC Expo in Culemborg, the Netherlands. Contemporary art is exhibited here in the beautiful art gallery of Goldfish Fine Arts. Sculptures for indoors and outdoors, paintings and small and large pieces made by artists Rob Scholte, Tonny Baars, Theo Mackaay, Cornelis le Mair, Frans de Kok, Ron Moret, George Heidweiller,  Bethany de Forest, Jeroen Tromp, Daniel Douglas, Gerrie and Inge stand on display. These artists are often present at the gallery and enjoy giving explanations about their works. The works that are on display at the gallery are regularly changed, which ensures that the collection always remains exciting and fascinating.

Nearly one hundred suppliers for the high-end interior design industry are located in the ETC Expo. The agents and producers of exclusive brands, interior designers, consumers and the press all come together here. This creates the dynamics that make this the perfect location for Goldfish Fine Arts. The natural form of collaboration that arises in a business hub such as this one is an excellent fit for the philosophy of Goldfish Fine Arts.

If you would like to pay us a visit you can do so every Monday when the ETC is opened for interior design specialists. If you would like visit us on a different day, you are welcome to make an appointment.