Goldfish New Business Development

Goldfish has achieved more business success globally than was ever thought possible. The Netherlands-based company has a vast, wide, and highly valuable network consisting of a great many experts, offering a sturdy platform where they make their knowledge available. Goldfish knows the businesses and the entrepreneurs. It knows what each business stands for and what its core values are.

Goldfish is quick to see potential collaborative ventures between businesses. Goldfish analyses the steps that need to be taken in order to ensure good results for all parties involved. It does this from a surprisingly different and highly effective point of view. For example, a Scottish whisky company has its single malt whisky matured in Indonesia, which saves a great deal on excise duty. Goldfish examines the situation and analyses what is necessary for growth. It reports on its findings and then brings the whisky company in contact with a local branding agency. The entire process, from beginning to end, is characterized by intensive contact with Goldfish. In this way, the brand is well-prepared to increase its turnover even more. In short, connecting local knowledge to an international brand opens a great many doors.

The Goldfish management team consists of Liz Harmanus. Liz has experience evaluating a wide range of businesses and using her expertise, insight, and coaching to help these businesses attain greater profits. The Goldfish team is also made up of experts in various fields who are put to work where they are needed. The clear, concept-based approach and the qualities of everyone involved complement each other perfectly and quickly bring about successful developments for businesses and organizations.


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